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Roadside Kit Must Haves!

When you're driving to and from work, are you thinking about the possibility of a breakdown? Whether we're dealing with a mechanical breakdown or inclement weather, we need to be safe on the road. So, here are some items to help get us through until we can get help.




Pack some gloves in an area in your vehicle that is easily accessible in case you have to do any work that is operator level. You'll be glad you're not burning your hands on hot parts...

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How Driving Safely Can Maybe Save You Money

Driving safely has other benefits beyond the safety to your health from avoiding accidents. One of the other benefits to safe driving as well is potentially saving you money. Some ways you can benefit financially from driving safely include:

- Avoiding accidents and damage to your vehicle that result in extensive repairs or car replacement

- Lower insurance premiums from safe driving and avoiding accidents and tickets...

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What Tire Speed Rating Do You Need?

When you start looking at new tires, you will notice that they have a speed rating. Buying the right rating for your type of driving can help your tires last longer.

Speed ratings generally range from 99 to 186 miles per hour. While you may never go that fast, if you do a lot of highway driving, then you will want a tire near the top of the range. They will last longer when you hit the open highway as their rubber compound is a different consistency than the ones with a lower rating.

On the other hand, if you…
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The Truth About Your Next Break Repair

We all know that having a brake inspection done can lead to the mechanic telling us that we need brake repair. Many people think that this is a bad thing, maybe because it is going to cost money to fix the brakes. Stop that thinking. Letting a brake repair go undone is grounds for more money out of pocket and a life full of stress or worse. Brakes are an important part of the vehicle and you need to get them checked and fixed. Doing this will save you time and money somewhere down the road.

What most people don…
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Can Ram Adapt to Change?

Started in 1900 by the Ram Brothers, the brand just keeps on going and going.
But are the features on Ram trucks anything to write home about? Well, thankfully, Ram is incredibly adaptable.
A century is a long time to be manufacturing trucks. Ram truck owners might have gone through several generations by now. The loyalty of Ram drivers is something that never ceases to amaze us.
You see, once you own a Ram truck, you won't want to go back.
You have many options for powertrain, features and interior materials. On the 3500, for instance, available engines include…
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How Does the Ram Heavy Duty's Rear Suspension Leveling Work?

As you hook up your trailer, you have a number of settings to take into consideration. Naturally, the added weight will make your Ram 2500 truck sag. The Ram's Rear Suspension Leveling will ensure that it returns to a balanced state.

When you lay down on your pillow, you make an impression. The added weight will make it sink. Unfortunately, your suspension will do the same thing after hooking up your trailer. If you drive like this, it could damage your truck. You can turn your Ram 2500 Truck's Rear Suspension Leveling "On" by hitting the button...
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If you're looking for a truck that will do the job, look no further!

You already know our trucks can and do deliver, but the Ram 1500 just got even better, if that's even possible. It is capable, efficient and can tow large loads-up to 10,650lbs and a max payload of 1880lbs, to be exact. While still being fuel-efficient and without compromising it's good looks. This puppy can get up to 20 MPG in the city and up to 28 MPG on the highway.

The Ram 1500 is strong and evolved, bringing efficiency to a whole new level. It's 3.6L Pentastar V6 engine is 94lbs lighter than the old…
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