Don't Trust the Purchase Price - Pay Attention to the Total Cost of Ownership

When we buy groceries and household goods, the true cost of bananas, bread, milk, and paper towels is exactly what the price tag indicates. The true cost of vehicles, conversely, is far more than what the advertised price tag indicates. At Dick Poe Dodge, our staff strives to be transparent about the total cost of ownership and the many factors that go into acquiring a new vehicle.

The vast majority of vehicle owners pay monthly installments to big-name insurers to protect their vehicles against moving accidents, theft, inclement weather, and more. The more expensive your vehicle is, the higher monthly insurance premiums are. To lower the total cost of vehicular ownership, seek out reasonably-priced vehicles. Another effect of high purchase prices is having to pay more to register your vehicle. In all fifty states, owners like you must pay sales and use tax on their car, truck, SUV, or whatever it is you drive.

We love helping people making informed decisions about which vehicle they should purchase or finance. Stop by our El Paso showroom to solicit advice from our expert sales and financing staff prior to finalizing your upcoming vehicle purchase!

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