Reasons Why You Should Service Your Car in El Paso, TX

As a car owner, the importance of routine maintenance cannot be stressed enough. Even so, when the time comes, many owners battle with the question of whether to take the vehicle to the garage down the street, or whether to visit a certified dealership. Below are some reasons and benefits of taking your car to our service team at Dick Poe Dodge:

  • Certified professionals. All employees at a dealership are trained to work on particular car models, a skill that you are less likely to find in a local garage.
  • Quality parts. At a dealership, you can rest assured that any parts replaced on your car are original and specific for your car model.
  • High standard facilities. Dealerships are well organized, meaning work is done much faster as compared to other service centers.

If your next routine maintenance is fast approaching, do not hesitate to contact us for further details. We're conveniently located at 1363 Airway Boulevard!

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