Why Service at the Dealership for Your Car Needs?

Some of the main reasons a car owner should use the service center at Dick Poe Dodge Ram are polite service, excellent diagnostic equipment, factory trained workers, and in El Paso – an excellent location with easy access.

The dealership invests money into training talented people to work on their vehicles specifically. If cars are tampered with by other auto mechanics, a customer can lose his or her warranty. Dealer techs are certified to work on the cars manufactured for the dealer.

Dealer facilities have a number of bays for car service and a number of workers. Therefore, they get cars out in no time. The tools and electrical machines mechanics work with are never shoddy and operate efficiently.

The bathrooms are clean, and the lobby area is comfortable and professional looking. Facilities are always air-conditioned in summer and heated in winter. Dealers also have courtesy cars to drop customers off at work while a car is being repaired.
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