How Wiper Fluid Affects Your Windshield

Windshield wiper fluid can affect your windshield in several significant ways. If the fluid's level is topped off, your visibility will improve. If the windshield wiper fluid level is low and your wipers engage, it’s possible to scratch the windshield. Here’s how washer fluid can affect your vehicle.

1. It can help keep the windshield clean and enhance visibility. This may not prevent a rock from hitting your windshield, or any other object from damaging your windshield, but a clean windshield allows you to notice its condition better. You can schedule repairs before any additional damage occurs.

2. Proper fluid levels help keep the windshield in good condition. This helps prevent expensive repairs down the road. Proper fluid levels also help keep the fluid motor pump from burning out too quickly. Excessive stress on the pump shortens its life.

Dick Poe Dodge Ram recommends that you keep wiper blade fluid levels high always. Safety is important.
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