Dodge Charger: Keeping You Charged Up

Not only does the Dodge Charger get you where you need to go, it keeps you connected during the drive. With its charging options, a dead battery isn't an issue.

Dodge Charger makes it easier to keep a full battery, thanks to dual charging USB ports. Plug in your phone, tablet or other device with a USB cord to stay powered up on the road. While you're at it, why not plug in some other electronics, which is doable because of the car's auxiliary power outlet. Located in the vehicle media hub, you get a 12-volt outlet, which could be quite handy when everyone in the car has their own device that needs charging.

Dodge Charger has lots more to offer, which you can see at our El Paso showroom. Visit Dick Poe Dodge Ram to check it all out, and take a test drive.




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