Unexplained Power Surges can be Harbingers of Doom

The fuel delivery systems in your vehicle silently and efficiently provide gas to your motor. When all of its constituent parts are working well and in concert, it is easy to forget that this system exists. That said, when even the smallest member of the network fails, the entire system and your engine can be thrown completely off track.

In order to stay on top of possible issues, it is important to stay alert to unusual engine activity. One commonly seen symptom of fuel system dysfunction is a motor that races for no apparent reason.

Power surges can be caused by an overabundance of fuel in the injectors heads, which is in turn caused by overactive fuel pumps, faulty pressure sensors, or other damaged parts.

Keeping your sensors and pumps in good working condition is important for the health of your vehicle. At our service center in the El Paso area, we field experienced and certified fuel system technicians with the skills and tools to find and repair even the toughest fuel system problems. To meet our team, visit us at Dick Poe Dodge Ram today.

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