The Durability Features That Have Emerged from Rigorous Testing of the Ram 1500

One of the best things vehicle developers can do is test their vehicles. There has been rigorous testing done on Ram models. This has resulted in a very durable Ram 1500 that both drivers and passengers can trust with innovative features and the material that help improve the durability of the vehicle.

Because of rigorous testing, the Ram 1500 has been given features such as high strength steel frame. This helps it hold together in the case of collisions. Also, the vehicle has front crumple zones which increase its ability to survive some harsh full-frontal collisions. Therefore, both the driver and the passenger will experience a greater sense of safety in their Ram 1500 vehicles.

If you want a vehicle that has been rigorously tested and proven to be durable, then the Ram 1500 is the vehicle we at Dick Poe Dodge Ram recommend you come by to test drive.



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