So many fuel efficiency features in the Dodge Durango

Only the most practical-minded people worry about the fuel efficiency features of any car. First time car buyers like the idea of a shiny new vehicle, and someone who can afford a new car for the first time has that on their mind instead.

Whether a new car buyer wants to admit it or not, he will pay a lot of money on fuel to keep his vehicle moving. It is the largest cost of owning a car, although insurance can come close sometimes. Although SUVs are not known for being extremely fuel efficient, the Dodge Durango's fuel efficiency is equivalent to that of a mid-size V6 sedan. It can get close to 20 miles on the highway and between 10-13 miles per gallon in the city.

A new Durango looks good in the driveway, and it performs well on mountain and country roads. All it needs is the fuel to get it where it’s going. The owner can rest easy knowing it does not cost much to keep the Durango in motion.



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