The Dodge Grand Caravan has a very useful loading zone for cargo. Because the cargo portion is efficiently designed, you can store a variety of heavy-duty items confidently in the cabin without worrying about space limitations.

In order to maximize space in the Dodge Grand Caravan, you'll have to fold down some of the seats. This process is simple because each second-row and third-row seat has a mechanism that collapses everything flat and flush against the flooring in the cabin. Once all seats are out of the way, there is enough space in the Grand Caravan for several heavy-duty items. For example, if you put a ladder flat on the floor, it will fit in the cargo zone, and you'll have extra space beside it for other industrial items.

At Dick Poe Dodge Ram, you can explore the Dodge Grand Caravan's cabin in order to decide whether or not the layout's design suits your needs. After you've checked out the collapsible seats and the available storage options, we'll let you take a short test drive in the Grand Caravan.



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