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Easy Financing and a Hassle-Free Payment Calculator: Finance Your Car with Dick Poe Dodge


Dick Poe Dodge is a car dealership in El Paso  that specializes in selling new and used Dodge vehicles. Along with our large inventory of cars, we also offer financing options for those who want to purchase a car but may not have the cash to do so. Learn more about our financing options below.

Financing Options


Several financing options are available at Dick Poe Dodge near Fort Blizz, including loans from various lending institutions. Our dealership works with various banks and credit unions to ensure that customers get the best financing options possible. We also offer leasing options for those who want to avoid buying a vehicle outright. This can be especially helpful for those who only need a car for a specific amount of time or who prefer to drive new vehicles regularly.


Payment Calculator


In addition to our financing options, Dick Poe Dodge also has a payment calculator on our  website that allows customers to calculate their monthly payments based on the price of the vehicle, down amount, interest rate, and loan term. This can be a helpful tool for those near Socorro who want to know how much they will need to pay each month before committing to a loan.


Our dealership also has a finance team dedicated to helping customers find the best financing options for their individual needs. Our team knows the various lending options available and can work with customers near Horizon City to find the best rates and terms.


Learn More at Our Dealership


We offer a range of financing options and services to help customers get behind the wheel of their dream vehicle. From traditional loans to leasing options and payment calculators,  we have everything customers need to make an informed decision about purchasing a car. Visit us today.